Tontorino is a juggler/entertainer from Samobor (Croatia). He makes a show in which he juggles with balls, clubs, diabolo, firestick and torches. He also drives a unicycle. Most of the tricks he does are a product of his mind while the other ones are learned from great jugglers Massimiliano Truzzi and Enrico Rastelli. In his desire to become more skilful in controlling the props and make a pajerotus, Tontorino started to follow the steps of Paul Cinquevalli and Francis Brunn.

Tontorino show can last from one minute up to 45 minutes, although it usually lasts for half an hour. Audience around Tontorino stay breathless and speechless, but cheerful and entertained.

The show is suitable for all audience and can be made anywhere where there's enough interested people to watch it, i.e. seven people.


Juggling lessons available in Croatia, for more info contact Tontorino.

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